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June 16th, outsourced

This story of the man who stole the wedding ring off the commuter train hero in Portland is just sad on all the levels.

A sociology of the smartphone. I read this article and reminisced about the olden days...and then my smartphone died and now I am LIVING the olden days.

The UAE has named a mosque after Mary, mother of Jesus.

Plug your nose, put down your dinner, and restrain your gag reflex and then dive into BCC's Twitter thread about favorite childhood snacks.

Excellent writing on Evan McMullin from The Atlantic: "McMullin is perhaps at his most effective on Twitter, where he has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. The voice he deploys on the platform—righteous, authoritative, shot through with earnestness—is profoundly appealing to a certain stressed-out segment of liberal America. In his Twitter persona, they find a patriot who uses terms like the Republic without irony; who writes mustwhere others might write should; who types things like there is still much work to do in the defense of liberty and doesn’t follow up with a self-aware lol. While the rest of the internet sinks further into cynicism each day, McMullin’s greatest appeal may be his capacity to stay shocked."

Things parents never hear from their kids. (It is possible there is some swearing mixed in with the Australian accents.)

The surprising amount of Americans who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Eeek! After reading this, I quizzed my own kids about cheese, chocolate milk, and vegetables, AND WE'RE GOOD. Phew! [HT Andrew]




Back to the olden days

City kids, country kids, and Finnish staring