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Places that Iceland reminds me of

Places that Iceland reminds me of

We are in Iceland for a couple of days en route to the US. Whoever thought of offering free (as in no extra fare charge) stopovers in Iceland on IcelandAir deserves a medal.

Foreign countries tend to remind me of each other in different ways (with the exception of Sri Lanka. We went to Sri Lanka and I was like "...this is like nowhere I've ever been"). Here is where Iceland reminds me of!

1. Sri Lanka, actually! Because it's an island.

2. Scotland/The English Moors, I assume. I've never been there but as we've driven through Iceland, I've come to the conclusion that a wild-eyed, wind-blown Brontë heroine would not be at all out of place here, should she come bursting around the corner on horseback (there are a TON of horses here). Iceland is very brooding.

3. Alaska. It's very wide-open and outdoorsy. You come here to see rocks and mountains more than the creations of men.

4. London, in the sense that you look at the price tag for everything and think, "surely it doesn't cost THAT much?!?" but it does.

5. Göreme, Turkey. There are all these restaurants serving food, but it is so expensive (see above), and I'd like to just, like, go buy some bread at a grocery store but there don't seem to be any...? Where do you locals buy food?!? You must do it somewhere!

But most of all, Iceland reminds me of:

6. OMAN. And how. It's remote and rocky and scrappy and its highways are interspersed with roundabouts. And there's just a certain feel to it that reminds me so much of Oman.

More to come!

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Iceland: sites and tips

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