July 14th, outsourced

In case you would like some help dry-heaving today: 4 tons of slime eels spilled on an Oregon Coast highway. (The auto-play video is worth watching.) [HT Suzanne]

The Atlantic on the strange job of interpreting for US Presidents.

This was great, on Twitter - someone accidentally read Harry Potter fan-fiction and didn't realize it.

How well can you hand-draw all 50 states from memory? Using a laptop track pad, here's how I did - not super, with some pretty embarrassing mistakes, but not too bad, either (I like to think, anyway).

The correct punctuation of Donald Trump, Jr.,'s name.

The Trump/Macron handshake: a play in four acts.

UGH websites moving to video instead of text. Count me in with the people who click on a link thinking it's an article, see it's a video instead, and click right the heck away from there.

Tourists behaving badly in Iceland! The people who locked their luggage in a porta-potty...that's just so weird.

TAR deal-breaker

Learning English

Learning English