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Summer hermit

There's this weird thing that happens every once in a while when I visit the US: I become a hermit to everyone except my family. On any given trip there, we have roughly the same amount of time in each place we go (we have found an itinerary that works, and we tend to stick to it). And yet, some years I am able to fit in visits with friends, and other years not.

This was one of the off years. I only saw two friends - one from the UAE who happened to be passing through, and one I met in Jordan eleven years ago who also happened to be passing through. It was a passing through kind of year, I guess?

Do you ever go visit your hometown and then not actually see anyone besides your own family, despite your best intentions and even wishes?

September 1st, outsourced

Summer bookends and bonding over an election loss

Summer bookends and bonding over an election loss