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January 26th, outsourced

NPR on those DNA test kids and why the results sometimes surprise us.

The real story of Milli Vanilli that you didn't know you needed to know. Wow..

Eight ways to divide Finland! The first map is a reference to the conspiracy theory that Finland does not actually exist, a theory that my kids find to be so hilarious. "Mom, mom, tell us about why some people think Finland doesn't exist!" They love it.

Ismo Leikola has a hilarious comedy bit about the Finnish word 'no niin,' and now he has a bit in English about one of my least favorite words, a**. I hate that word so much - the vulgarity of it, even the SOUND of it - but...dude has a point.

I'll end this post with two heavier links. The first is one I've held onto for almost a year, and I'm posting it now because it fits right in with this other link that came to my attention. So, first we have Mormon LGBT Questions from Bryce Cook, which is an article that I have read several times over the last year. The second is a post from Josh Weed, explaining why he and his wife are divorcing. [HT Jessie on the second link]

January 2018 books

January 2018 books

With the Saudis again