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February 26th, outsourced

Related to each other: Young Saudis see cushy government jobs vanish along with nation's oil wealth; and Sultan al-Qassemi on the Gulf's new social contract. Fascinating.

Here is a brief rundown of some global parenting habits that haven't caught on in the US. I love that kids play outside year-round here - that is the beauty of proper winter clothing! [HT Scott]

I love this story so much - these guys sold a counterfeit painting for 1.5 million what turned out to be counterfeit cash.

Feel free to watch this Kickstarter video of the perfect winter coat on repeat. I love the women's Vogue coat! [HT Crys]

Take a walk with Hottest Heads of State through a history of Russia's leaders. [HT Liz]

Ariel India seriously has the best commercials. There was one that used to come on before YouTube videos in the UAE and even though I couldn't understand a word, I watched it every time. This one is very moving and it has subtitles, too! [HT Crys]

In Lindgren land

On vacation, we eat at McDonald's