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Random prices I remember

Random prices I remember

Movie ticket (1990s): $3.25 for a first-run matinee. $1.50 (older movies) at "the Valley theater." $6.25 evening showing.

Yoplait yogurt (late 90s-early 00s): 4/$1.00, on sale.

Monkey bars (the poor man's Creamie ice cream bar; Provo Macey's, late 90s-early 00s): 16/$1.00, on sale. That's practically FREE.

Candy bars (1990s): 4/$1.00, on sale. I remember when we came back to the US from Moscow in 2003 and I kept waiting for that sale to come and it never did. Never again.

Payphone call (1990s): 25 cents and then, if I really am remembering correctly, 35 cents. I remember thinking a quarter was easy enough to carry around, but a quarter AND a dime?!!? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Gallon of gas (late 1990s): around $1, except for a brief period when it was $1.55 and then went back down again.

Gallon of milk (1990s-2000s): around $2. This price was so stable that it had to be some kind of loss leader for the big grocery stores.

Ice cream (2000s): Around $2.50 for 2 quarts, on sale, good-ish brand. This slowly crept to $2.50 for 1.75 quarts.

A dollar, in Russian Rubles (early 2000s): around 30 (it's now 57).

A dollar, in Syrian Pounds (2000s): around 50 (now it's 515).

A dollar, in Eyptian Pounds (2010): Around 5 (I *think*). (Now it's 17.)

Reading trends 2006-2017

Reading trends 2006-2017

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