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All the phone ringtones I can remember

Before polyphonic ringtones (isn't that what they were called when they were new? the ones that are actual music instead of just single notes?), I remember painstakingly programming into Jeremy's cell phone the "backup music" from Syria, and then the water truck theme from Jordan. But after I got a phone capable of polyphonic ringtones in about 2008, I had the following songs as my ringtones, in roughly chronological order:

the main theme from Gone With the Wind

the Russian national anthem

"Enta el ghaly" by Amr Diab

"Knightley's Walk" from the 2009 Emma soundtrack. This went off in church one time and someone said it sounded better than church music.

The main theme from the 2008 Sense and Sensibility.

The oldest of these ringtones is ten years old and yet I can't remember what my ringtone was on my phone one year ago. I have also sensed a shift in our thinking about ringtones - it used to be a big thing but now I feel like most people leave their phone on silent all the time anyway.

Trash and recycling in Finland

Trash and recycling in Finland

June 9th, outsourced