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June 9th, outsourced

I enjoyed reading this article about the origins of [HT Suzanne]

The Middle East's space ambitions!

The NYT has a story about a type of drug whose price is skyrocketing, but you might not be hearing about it because it treats...vaginal dryness. Ahem: "Unlike EpiPen, women are not going to be rising up and saying, ‘My vagina is dry and I don’t want to pay 2,000 to 3,000 dollars a year.'" Plus, get this: the name of one of the drugs is Imvexxy. Did...did a dude-bro get to name a vaginal dryness drug?

There was some really beautiful stuff on Twitter late this week about preventing suicide. Here are two threads: one showing what it looks like when friends support someone in crisis, and one about what that crisis sometimes looks like.

All the phone ringtones I can remember

Oddities of Finnish road trips

Oddities of Finnish road trips