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December 28th, outsourced

The story of the worst US maritime disaster in decades.

Eliza Dushku has a lot to say in this op-ed and I applaud her for it.

The NYT: what is glitter?!?

After you read that article, you can dive into this reddit thread speculating on what the unnamed glitter-consuming industry is. I’m thinking money or the military.

This story about the high school wrestler who had to cut his hair off before being allowed to compete was just heartbreaking. There are updates about the ref if you look around the internet and this was definitely something that did not need to happen to this kid.

The story behind It’s A Wonderful Life.

Breastfeeding supplements (and milk supply in general): we still just don’t really know what is going on here.

What it’s like to deliver packages for Amazon.

Here’s an update on the Dionne quintuplets that I hadn’t heard (and you’re welcome for the Wikipedia deep dive you will embark on now if you’ve never heard of them).

Nobody wants to host the Olympics anymore!

Ask A Manager has been running updates all month. I thought this one from a PhD student/mom was very interesting. The comments have since been deleted but her original post + comments + this update show what a hard world it is out there for parent students, especially mom students.

Finland is updating its name laws.

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