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February 23rd, outsourced

This woman wrote a very interesting post about giving up dreams of academia.

These people did a food-based rewatch of the LOTR movies and I wholeheartedly approve.

This Twitter thread about Virtue & Moir was my everything this week during annoying airport travel. It gets a little PG-13 with some references but if ever there was a time to just let ice dancing sexiness wash over you, THIS IS THAT TIME. I have been 'shipping these two since 2010 and I am glad to see now that I am far, FAR from alone. (Incidentally, that first tweet GIF is the moment they won my soul, too. Their Vancouver 2010 free program is one of my all-time favorite performances and seeing them skate last year in person was a highlight of my life.)

I hope you have had a chance to see "Hungary's" Elizabeth Swaney do her Olympic thing. She is all of us!

This story from 2005 showed up on my radar this week and I am so horrifed (Dave Matthews Band + raw sewage + tourists).

WORST ROOMMATE EVER. This story was everywhere on Twitter this week and it made me shudder every time it popped up.

Seeing Zagitova edge out Medvedeva for the gold brought back All The Feels from 1998 when Lipinski beat Kwan. So I really appreciated this cathartic take on that whole deal (including a reference to Kwan's heartbreaking Fields of Gold exhibition skate in 2002).

Camping in the UAE again

Camping in the UAE again

Things I'd forgotten about the UAE

Things I'd forgotten about the UAE