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March 23rd, outsourced

I meant to link to this two weeks ago: a researcher is making a strong case that these bones belong to Amelia Earhart. [HT Liz]

My friend Myrna showed me this website that helps you speak a foreign language with your kids! [HT Myrna]

Speaking of: The Economist takes on Hollywood films fudging foreign languages and foreign accents in movies. Like how the bad guys are German...and they speak with British accents to distinguish themselves from the good guy Americans. (On a flip, unrelated side of this: In Annihilation, I was surprised to see a famous Swedish actress show up in one of the main roles, but playing a native speaker of English. It was impressive.)

This footage of Bashar al-Assad driving around Damascus showed up on my Instagram feed and I was mesmerized, for complicated reasons.

Oh no, Canada's outdoor rinks are melting! (New York Times)

It's the moment you've all been waiting for: you can send your name to the sun! I know, I know: WHY? But also: WHY NOT? [HT Joe]

GFY has some royal baby-name guessing in this post. I'm going with Alice or Arthur, too.

My friend Ashley describes the joys of moving, especially international moving.

There Are Too Many Flavors Now.

Interview with a podcast

Interview with a podcast

The nicest winter

The nicest winter