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April 13th, outsourced

So I'm dating an ultrarunner. This article rang EXTREMELY true to me.

This FAQ at the NYT about Harry and Meghan's wedding was super cute.

The mistakes I made as a young reporter. I enjoyed this article in part because I myself have a thing that I've always felt a little weird about, which is that when I was the editor of the US Embassy in Moscow's community newsletter, which I had to write original articles for, I once wrote about a particular cultural exchange program using sources that were all readily available online...and then in the review process, they said I couldn't include some of it in the final story for Reasons. Anyway, all this to say that it is sometimes hard when you're starting out as a real person in the real world (I was 20 at the time) to know how to navigate those kinds of waters and mistakes are going to be made.

Seth Meyers' wife had a baby in the lobby of their apartment building. Great birth story!

The 'g' in Google's logo is super weird. I've been thinking about it all week.

A dialogue between Herodias and the daughter of Herodias, concerning John the Baptist. [HT Andrew]

Photos to mark 100 years since the Spanish Flu pandemic (aka the thing that made Lord Grantham spew blood at dinner).

New and old lightweight coveralls

New and old lightweight coveralls