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April 20th, outsourced

You need this ranking of butters in your life.

This video of a little girl at a hockey game was all over the place this week, and for good reason. It's frustrating, then heartwarming, and also kind of a microcosm of life sometimes. (If you go poking around on the internet you can find out all about the dudes behind her - none of them are any of those kids' dads, apparently.)

This NYT photo-based look inside dilapidated classrooms in the US was shocking. I fully understand that not all schools have all those problems but the fact that any of them do is just astounding.

Meanwhile at the NYT, the Boston Marathon was run in exceptionally poor weather this year and it was hard just to read about it! [HT Jen]

This Nora Ephron quote about mashed potatoes is SO TRUE. I have often thought, while eating mashed potatoes at an already-abundant holiday table: why can't I have these just by themselves, on a sad day?

Did...did Prince Harry wear a Golden Girls sweatshirt on Meghan Markle's instagram??? I am convinced it's him.

Read this article about Lance Armstrong's recent $5 million settlement, and if you like it, go read Tyler Hamilton's The Secret Race.

New books (mostly YA nonfiction)

New books (mostly YA nonfiction)

Finnish acquisition: 2.66 years