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June 1st, outsourced

The college admissions landscape is changing in the US.

I'm sure you will enjoy the story behind that photo from May's royal wedding (you know the one).

There is so much going on in this article. If you want to be made about convoluted and predatory student loan tactics, or if you want to side-eye another person's life choices, or if you want to full on get flames on the side of your face, this article is there for you.

They attempted to replicate the marshmallow experiment and came up with different results.

My favorite thing I read this week: Eric D. Snider writing about being gay at BYU (among other things). I read it, thought about it, then read it again, and I am still thinking about it.

The fading battlefields of World War I.

I linked to a Vanity Fair article about her a few weeks ago, but here is even more about that Russian-German woman who tricked everyone into thinking she was super rich. The details are

I was JUST talking with a coworker about this: how Down Syndrome is redefining the abortion debate.

Blood Will Tell: here's your long read for the weekend, about a man who's been in prison for 30 years for a crime he says he didn't commit.

Oddities of Finnish road trips

Oddities of Finnish road trips

May 2018 books

May 2018 books