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June 15th, outsourced

A schoolteacher who started teaching in 1959 just had a party to meet up with old students!

This 6-minute documentary about a "balloonfest" in Cleveland in 1986 is just...bizarre.

Also bizarre is this college hockey intro video.

I'm just going to leave this here: the hottest player from each team in the World Cup.

This guy was awarded $350,000 in damages after it was revealed that his girlfriend DELETED an email telling him he got into a prestigious music program. Just read the article. I honestly don't think 350k is even enough.

This BBC was followed while reporting on the World Cup in Russia and even though that is 100% not a surprise, it was still fun to watch. [HT Jeremy]

The Faroe Islands, man. So remote! [HT Jeremy]

Two broken(?) thumbs

Two broken(?) thumbs

Trash and recycling in Finland

Trash and recycling in Finland