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June 29th, outsourced

Is America ready for the next global pandemic? Just some light, terrifying reading for you.

This was pre-Argentina-advancing (THANKS, ICELAND), but it is still interesting reading and I am in love with the idea of Messi as some kind of tragic hero: Messi's fight is almost over.

That article led me down a Deadspin World Cup wormhole, so I also have for you the worst haircuts of the World Cup, plus the Iceland sub who started last week's game with only a few tens of thousands of followers and ended it with a million.

Another interesting take on the gig economy, this time trying out being a driver for Amazon Flex.

Never underestimate The Economist's ability to take something topical and controversial and break it down to its basic elements: VAR in the World Cup is increasing referee accuracy but not (as you might have mistakenly thought) overall penalty counts.

How do computers parse ambiguous language (I eat s'mores with a fork, I eat s'mores with my mouth, I eat s'mores with marshmallow and chocolate)?

Daniel Mallory Ortberg takes on The Inevitable Australian. I have a testimony of the Inevitable Australian, amen. [HT Andrew]

I have never clicked Bookmark so fast: they drained a canal in the Netherlands and then catalogued everything they found there by year and object type!!!!! Turku should do this with the Aura River, even if it ends up being mostly bikes and ice hockey goal nets.

World Cup

World Cup

June 2018 books

June 2018 books