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September 14th, outsourced

There were lots of Opinions About Serena Williams on the internet this week. I thought this one, from The Atlantic, covered it pretty well.

Once you get over the CPR-as-kissing eww factor (admit it, since childhood we’ve been trying to NOT see CPR as a romantic kissing thing so it’s hard to unlearn that even for cutesy’s sake), this story about how a couple met is adorable.

An ad for a white-skinned kindergarten teacher in the UAE ruffled a lot of feathers this week.

Women in Saudi Arabia are going for runs! In abayas!

In Netflix-Rom-Com news, we have an investigation into who linked the hot tub video in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and an examination of what Sierra Burgess gets wrong about consent.

Something to read (a story of a victim and the family and friends he left behind) if you’re pondering 9/11.

Well this was appalling: ‘I work three jobs and sell blood plasma to pay the bills. I am a teacher in America.”

A sized-for-population map of the world, just because. [HT Andrew]

I am HERE for this row of airplane seats that turns into a couch! Though I am less sold on the infant seatbelt contraption, even if it is an improvement on those ridiculous lap belts.

I can’t guarantee this Twitter thread about abortion from @DesignMom won’t make your head explode, but…just read it.

Turku Day 2018

Turku Day 2018

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