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September 7th, outsourced

This made me laugh, at the NYT, not least because I am so guilty of announcing that I have swept the floors (part of my effort to make invisible work visible, I suppose): Honey, I swept the floor!

What the president’s supporters fear most isn’t the corruption of American law, but the corruption of America’s traditional identity.

How self-tracking apps exclude women.

The myth of CEO work-life balance.

This is alarming: the arrest of Syrian 'hero swimmers' has put refugee relief efforts back in the spotlight.

There have been many, many takes on the internet about who wrote that Op-Ed. This one is my favorite. Not that I think it's the most correct, but it's certainly the most compelling so far.

I have been wondering about this! Here is an article about the person who won that season of The Great American Baking Show that never aired after allegations of sexual harrassment against one of the show's judges.


Religion at school

Glad to be born in 2013

Glad to be born in 2013