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January 5th, outsourced

Here is a story about a box of crickets.

I think I linked to this story before, but it’s worth reading again: what it’s like to fly Singapore AIrlines “suites” class. I have to say that I shared his feelings of panic when I woke up after sleeping a few hours on the SEA-DXB Emirates business class flight a few years ago. Such a waste, sleeping!

We’ve been watching the Marie Kondo show on Netflix as a family and it is almost like therapy. It reminds us of our moves and all the hard decisions we’ve had to make over the years about STUFF. It reminds us of stuff we’ve given away and kept and regrets in both cases. It reminds us of how huge most American houses are compared to what we have in Finland. But it also got me thinking about the privilege of clutter, and here is an excellent The Atlantic article about that.

There is so much more to that shirtless coconut oil Tonga Olympic flag bearer from a few years ago - what a story!

January 11th, outsourced

My best books of 2018 (and other distinctions)

My best books of 2018 (and other distinctions)