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November 9th, outsourced

Jeremy and I checked the place where we lived in Moscow and although the building we were in is too new to be exactly included on this map of The Great Purge, there was one person taken away from an address quite nearby. [HT Jeremy]

I LOVED this: Why great sign language interpreters are so animated. Here's a highlight reel of Ms. Lydia Callis, my new favorite person to watch on YouTube.

Within the space of about two hours, I heard about this video of horrible Utah names from four different people (Jessie was first). So much to say. I'm not even going to start. Except, SHAHRZAUD.

Even though the NYC Marathon was technically cancelled, a whole bunch of people went out and ran a marathon there anyway.

For the now-finished Election Day: 10 amazing facts, and the "Redskins Rule," which, if I'm not mistaken, was proved wrong this election. Maybe they'll just tweak the rule slightly like they did in 2000. Lame. [HT Josh]

One of the authors of my favorite cookbook (Our Best Bites) had a scary run-in with an almost-drowning recently. It (and she) reminded me of this article about what drowning really looks like. It's possible I've even posted it here on Outsourced Friday before, but it's worth another read.

In honor of Skyfall, which has been in theaters here for a few weeks but which I still haven't seen: 007 by the numbers.

Finally, here's an article from the NYT about young, competitive endurance runners.

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