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January 25th, outsourced

How forks gave us overbites and pots saved the toothless.

Aleppo University was bombed at the start of finals week. Here is a video of one of the strikes.

This is how seriously they take ballet in Russia.

Here's a quick history of how 'you' is both a singular and plural pronoun in modern-day English. Personally, my fill-in pointedly plural second person pronoun preference is "you guys." How about you?

A Spanish runner intentionally lost a race so his confused opponent could win. Awwwww.

I loved this funny-yet-respectful account of an American's trip to North Korea. [HT Matt]

Have you ever wondered what the Prince of Bel-Air song would sound like if you ran it through an automatic translation engine 64 times?

The religious police in Saudi Arabia recently shut down an educational exhibit about dinosaurs. Commence hilarious tweets.

This week in Manti Te'o news - you guys, he really sounds like he was duped. [HT Liz]

Actual facebook graph searches (that new feature). [HT Andrew]

Hahahahahaha, males going through simulated childbirth. [HT Liz and Suzanne]

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