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Other Bridget 2013

It's been almost a year since we checked in with Other Bridget, the woman (women?) who shares my name and whose email address is similar enough to mine that I get lots of emails intended for her.

I was relieved to have a nagging question from the previous installment put to rest: does Other Bridget actually spell her name Briget? The answer is yes. I know this because I was emailed several copies of a flight reservation for Other Bri(d)get's upcoming trip to The Gold Coast in Australia. I hope she doesn't repeat last year's mishap there.

Other Bridget is also selling some land in Kingfisher.

She had a telephone uninstalled from her hallway by Sydney Power House. It cost 132 Australian dollars.

Her daughter had some adorable portraits taken at a photo studio. I could show them to you, because the studio emailed them to me. But I won't.

I received extensively detailed directions to Other Bridget's friend's house in Ballina, New South Wales. Sounds like a nice place and I hope the party was fun!

She spent $527.65 at a pharmacy recently. I know because they emailed me the billing receipt.

For shame, Other Bridget was delinquent in paying $300 to a cleaning service for cleaning her house.

No fair! A friend of Other Bridget was giving away tickets to La Boheme at the Opera House (Sydney?). Justin snatched them up before I could.

I refrained from coordinating via email exchange with a group of preschool moms about the cake they were going to make for the teacher's farewell party. I guess Other Bridget will have to contribute another time.

I was asked to provide a press release from the mayor about the upcoming anti-gun vigil Other Bridget participated in.

How exciting - Other Bridget's daughter (the preschool one? I guess she's growing up) has taken up netball.

Whew! It's been a busy year for Other Bridget. So much going on. I can hardly keep up with my alter ego's life these days. What are your alter egos up to recently? Still checking out boring library books?

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