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February 7th, outsourced

Remember when cutesy answering machine greetings were a thing? Yeah.

Twenty weird things about attending BYU. [HT Jeanelle]

Do you ever have those times where you wonder how on earth you and some other person/people belong to the same country/church/etc.? This furor over the Coke commercial is one of those times. (Content warning: stupid people using f-bombs.)

Inside the Google Fiber commercial filmed in Provo, Utah.

Downton Abbey valentines! [HT Elisa]

How many pleasant days a year are there where you live (in the US)? My hometown gets 59. [HT Andrew]

Speaking of weather: mesmerizing AND educational - wind patterns around the globe. [HT Kathy]

Fathers and mothers work the same number of hours, but they experience that time differently. [HT Bryce]

Would you nurse a stranger's baby? [HT Liz]

My SIL in NYC sent me this run-down of the slush puddles in the city. [HT Kristi]

Here is a run-down of all the figure skating drama to expect in Sochi. I hope I hope I hope The Atlantic does GIF guides this year like they did for gymnastics two years ago!

Speaking of Sochi: I'm sure you've heard of the various, um, quirks of hotels and such there. I feel strangely bad for laughing at these. Sochi is a city that is probably trying its best and its feelings are probably being sorely hurt from being turned into a laughingstock. That said, I cannot stop laughing at these, even the ones that are old news from living in a few developing countries myself: here, here, here, and here.

Sochi Olympics!

How to write a thesis with a newborn