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Sochi Olympics!

Hooray for the Olympics! Thoughts:

1. How annoying is it that the only for reals legit way to watch coverage of the Olympics is through NBC's website? And even that only with a paid cable subscription? I would be all over a one-time-fee subscription to Olympics coverage. But that option does not exist.

2. And then, THEN, the coverage that is on NBC's website is super hard to navigate. I had this same problem four years ago - accidental spoilers, trouble loading videos, difficulty tracking down the specific video I wanted to see. Magdalena and I spent a good while this morning trying to find a simple run-through of the major ice dancing routines and were ultimately unsuccessful.

3. Speaking of, I have not forgotten my surprise love for ice-dancing. I can still remember Virtue and Moir's amazing routines from four years ago.

4. I made a point of catching Lipnitskaya's team short program skate. She's good, technically, but I was left unmoved by her performance. We'll see what she brings later on.

I plan on watching more than figure skating. Once I figure out the website, anyway. How about you?

Downton Abbey 4.6 (SPOILERS)

February 7th, outsourced