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Downton Abbey 4.6 (SPOILERS)

Let's begin with the end of the episode: YIKES. Mr. Bates = scary. And in this case, I kind of love it. And what a champ Mrs. Hughes is for taking on the bad guy in a room by herself! And what a skeezball Green is! Strong emotions all around.


I was so worried when Lady Violet developed The Cough. I've read enough old-timey novels (and seen enough lazy movies) to know that The Cough is a harbinger of DEATH. Instead, Mrs. Crawley's loving care of her was so touching. What is the word for a bromance, but with females? Because these two women are epic.

I knew it. I knew they were re-grooming Evelyn Napier as a love interest for Mary. And I have to say, I have a bit of a soft spot for him, dating back to Season 1. But is Blake also a love interest (good to see you, Jeremy from Foyle's War)? And now Gillingham is back? Good thing Mary also realizes how ridiculous this all is.

Aunt Rosamund is a gem. I loved her conversation with Edith about her Big Decision. Sniff.

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