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Downton Abbey 5.2 (SPOILERS)

Oh, it's very cruel to even think of yanking that poor girl (Edith's daughter) out of the farmer's house!!! It's even worse than the time they yanked her away from that family in Switzerland!

Mrs. Crawley's comment re: diabetes: "Just think: a diagnosis will no longer be a death sentence!" can be said of so many diseases these days. We are so lucky.

OH MY GOSH BUYING BIRTH CONTROL IN THE 1920s!!!! It is even more humiliating than...well.

Oh hello there, Scarlet Pimpernel! Perhaps you remember Lady Grantham from such times as WHEN SHE WAS YOUR WIFE, aka Marguerite St. Just!!!! And they even talk about the French Revolution together! Neat.

Although I remain staunchly team Evelyn Napier (I love a lost cause), when forced, I think that Charles Blake has more charisma and charm in his little finger than in all of Tony Gillingham. In fact, it's more than that - my skeezeball-o-meter reading went through the roof when I saw Tony standing on the other side of the conjoining door on Mary's Sex Vacation (which I think is a Bad Idea).

I think Branson is doing just fine as a fancy high-class man. Though I do miss Sybil. I just think Miss Bunting goes around telling people how wrong and awful they are. Miss Bunting, YOU are wrong and awful. THERE I SAID IT.

I find it hilarious that Lord Grantham thought the Scarlet Pimpernel was flirting with his dog. So that's what that look meant! HILARIOUS.

Carson's "get away with you!" to Mrs. Hughes was the single most flirtatious thing he's ever said! So dear!

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