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March 7th, outsourced

Ignore the chip-on-your-shoulder tone (basically, all the text except the identifying captions) and take a look at these photos/pictures of women breastfeeding their children in public in the olden days (including a Mormon chapel - the 1871 picture). [HT Jeanelle]

This NYT article about Mormons, women, and missions was pitch-perfect.

"Part of Your World" in Google Translate. [HT Ariana]

What's your Travolta-ified name? I am now Brodie Palmzer. [HT Jen. And seriously, what even happened with that? Who cannot name Idina Menzel OFF THE TOP OF THEIR HEAD these days?]

Woman becomes Glasgow's 87th-most-popular tourist attraction on TripAdvisor.

Corpus Libris - completing the dust jacket cover photos of books. This is a great antidote to all those headless book cover photos you see these days. [HT Jen]

What languages sound like to foreigners.

I kept seeing this speed-reading app news bite show up on fb but I thought there was no way it was for real. Then I tried the demo. You guys, it's kinda for real.

Somebody (this adorable toddler) has spent a LOT of time at mom's choir practice in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. [HT Jessie]

National Geographic on the status of the walled Old City of Damascus these days.

I'm going to put a warning on this one. It's not graphic but it is extremely sad and you will not be able to un-remember it. This is why I have recurring nightmares about Syria. Because it's not a "there" to me. It's a "here." What if the war in Syria were happening in the West?

This is what church can be like

Sports Day