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Sports Day

The girls had Sports Day today at school. In my day (or in America - sometimes I'm not sure if things are different for my girls because they go to a British school or because they go to school 25 years after I did), they called it Field Day. This was my first time to go watch because on previous Sports Days, I've been at work. So I was really excited to go.

But not as excited as the girls! They could hardly sleep last night. I was worried that it would be a little warm to be outside doing intense sports, but this morning it ended up being very foggy and cool.

As excited as the girls were for Sports Day, they were even more excited to see me (and Sterling there). I was greeted by smiles like this every time they caught a glimpse of me.

 Sterling's Sports Day. The wrap is still going strong.

After a while, I went off-label and flipped Sterling around to face forward in the wrap. This was his view. He was mobbed by the girls' friends everywhere we went. "He's soooo cuuuuuuuuute!" etc.

I enjoyed spending time at the girls' school and watching them work hard and have fun at Sports Day! The results (which House won) will be announced on Sunday!

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