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June 27th, outsourced

The new map of the Middle East.

This TED Talk about words and what makes them real is one of my favorites. Very word-nerdy. [HT Susanne and Lisa]

This list of all the ways the US could possibly advance in the World Cup is irrelevant now (we made it through!), but still hilarious. [HT Andrew]

This article presents two lists of words and says that women recognize nearly all of one list and almost none of the other; vice-versa for men. How about you? I knew all of the "women" list and some of the other. [HT Ashley]

This story about Chile trying to keep Brazil out of the 1994 World Cup is CRAAAAZY. Flares, razor blades hidden in gloves, a picture that may or may not be the only proof...WOW.

Two professional football players vs. a whole bunch of kids. Can they still score a goal?? [HT Blair]

National Geographic photo contest!!!

Why-fi or wiffy - how people pronounce common tech terms. I say gif with a hard g, by the way.

Eight awesome GoPro videos. My kids can't get enough of the guy who hugs lions. [HT Jen]

I can't believe I'm old enough to enjoy a list like this: toys from my childhood. Where is Lite Brite, though? Also (possibly), a Fisher-Price magic set. Oh, and I had the Tudor-style Little People house.

The true story behind Calico Captive

Reading the Book of Mormon again, for the first time