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September 25th, outsourced

Why does air travel make people so grumpy?

The best "I don't know" Final Jeopardy answers. My personal favorite is Kebert Xela.

Save this for when you have time for a long read: What really happened at the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi two years ago (graphic picture warning).

I could actually believe this: Pope Francis reverses position on capitalism after seeing wide variety of American Oreos. [HT Andrew]

Arabic tops Israeli charts as Yemeni sisters take Tel Aviv by storm. [HT Jeremy]

Bashar al-Assad had a great InstaSummer while his people drowned in the Mediterranean. Chilling.

A couple from Utah had a baby while on a cruise ship! I wish I knew more details. The part where they told her the baby didn't make it...and then 45 minutes changed their minds...there has got to be more to the story. I can't imagine!

Finnish food

Flashcards around town