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November 25th, outsourced

An oral history of My So-Called Life! I don't think I even ever watched all the episodes as a teenager, but the episodes I did see made such an impact.

I know, I know, The Daily Mail, but they have pictures of the awesome lady bodyguards who were assigned to Camilla on her and Charles' trip to the Gulf.

Here is more to the story behind the search for (and the discovery of the remains of) Annie Schmidt. [HT Suzanne]

That whole Hamilton/Pence thing happened and then people made up names of musicals in honor of Pence. [HT Steven]

Here's an analysis from the NYT of how fake news spreads.

A visit to Damascus - how are things going in the capital city right now?

On a lighter note - a visit to (Sharjah and) Oman!

So this mistaken message happened and then this happened and if this was all made up or staged, I do not want to know.

Christmas tree lighting

Christmas tree lighting

Thanksgiving in Finland 2.0

Thanksgiving in Finland 2.0