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Another mundane superpower

Another mundane superpower

I just remembered another weird superpower I have (in addition to running even splits): remembering where I was when I was listening to a particular podcast, or even a part of a podcast. I forget I have this superpower most of the time, until a podcast I listen to puts out a clip episode, like WWDTM had this week.

As every clip from a past episode was played, I was instantly flooded with recollections of where I was and what I was doing when I listened to that segment for the first time when it was originally aired: on a run in x neighborhood, going up that hill during that joke. Cleaning the bathroom. Hanging up the laundry (darks, with the drying rack set up in that spot). Etc.

This superpower also shows itself with a movie podcast I listen to. Most episodes at the end of the show, the hosts talk about movies that have just been released on DVD that week. As they say the title of the movie and talk about it briefly, I can usually remember, again, where I was and what I was doing when they talked about that particular movie the first time around upon its theatrical release, months ago.

I have two questions about this superpower:

1. Why does it seem to be limited only to the weird combination of podcasts + a physical activity I am doing? There is more going on here than just audio input = indelible memory. There is something about the kinesthetic movement (chores, exercise) plus the format or nature of the podcasts themselves that forms this strong association.

2. Is this even a superpower? Maybe you all just read this and are like "um...that is something everyone can do."

Even if it doesn't end up being a superpower, it's an oddity I really enjoy. It's like those posts on facebook about what you were doing one, two, or seven years ago - a spontaneous trip down memory lane, but all inside my head. I've enjoyed being reminded of housework and exercise in Sharjah every once in a while during this dark Finnish winter!

January 6th, outsourced

Out of the "don't know" and into the "should know"

Out of the "don't know" and into the "should know"