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October 27th, outsourced

I'm going to go ahead and spoil the end of this amazing story, because it makes the experience of reading about it so much more fun: this guy catfished this girl online and she ended up in a happy relationship with the guy whose photos the catfisher stole. It's so perfect and makes me want to stand up and cheer.

Also a super fun reading experience: this oral history of David S. Pumpkins. It's long, but it's goooooood. I love that Tom Hanks knows David S. Pumpkins better than anyone else!

This series of tweets by Nicole Cliffe made me laugh - about babies (not) sleeping on their backs.

First, look at what is possibly the best article comment ever in isolation. Then read the NYT's explanation.

Literally just GIFs of women destroying stuff, for when the situation calls for it. Which...seems to be fairly often these days. (Language warning: bleeped-out swears.) [HT Liz]

There are two kinds of cultures