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Podcasts of note (lately)

A longer bike commute means more podcasts to listen to! Here are some recent stand-outs.

Reply All - #104 The Case of the Phantom Caller. This is my favorite kind of Reply All episode: quirky, relatable, and completely baffling, with a juicy resolution.

Gastropod - Lunch Gets Schooled. Gastropod is kind of the best, you guys. Food, though the lens of science and history! This episode about school lunches was interesting AND useful.

Planet Money - #796 The Basic Income Experiment (cross-published with 99% Invisible). It's all about Finland!

Rough Translation - all of the episodes, but my favorite so far has been The Congo We Listen To.

Science Vs just released two episodes all about vaccines. They both make for excellent listening.

A couple of weeks ago, WWDTM re-ran their episode with Simone Biles, hosted by Tom Hanks. It is as much of a joy as it sounds like.

In the category of chatty podcasts, Sam Sanders' It's Been A Minute has been very helpful for me to listen to in order to catch up on US news.

What are you listening to these days?

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