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Downton Abbey 5.8 (SPOILERS)

Have they been keeping Rose out of the color blue until now, to let her beauty shine all at once? She is a vision in blue.

And Denker (?) is right - Lady Violet does look divine in purples due to her coloring.

Mary is too much sometimes. Inviting Branson and Rose to lunch, and "even you, Edith." Even you! She is asking for another incident on par with a certain letter to the Turkish ambassador that I remember.

OH MAN. Branson should forget the garage job in Boston and become a private investigator instead! I'm glad someone could see those photographs for what they were. Was he involved in that thing where Mary had to steal a letter back from Jarndyce v. Jarndyce? He and Mary reminiscing about the old days made me tear up. And then I laughed, because "evening pajamas" is just too hilarious.

I keep thinking about Susan and how awful she is. In that one episode in the Highlands a season or two ago, she came off like an all-around jerk. But now I wonder if we're supposed to see that she is perhaps suffering from something like depression.

Speaking of sad people: Mary. I think much of her snark and spark come from trying to cover up a very sad inside. Where the heck is Evelyn Napier Charles Blake?

OK. Anna. Now I can't remember - is it possible that she killed Mr. Green? We were so diverted by the suspicion cast on Mr. Bates that now I can't think where Anna was on that day, or if we even know.

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