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November 27th, outsourced

I hesitate to post this here since I know already that it won't be everyone's cup of tea, but stay with me. The Toast (for some reason - I mean who even knows why they do what they do?) has re-imagined People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive thing as some kind of post-apocalyptic competition ritual thing and to me, it is both hilarious and a thing of great genius. So read it - 2013 Adam Levine, 2014 Chris Hemsworth, and 2015 David Beckham - if you want to, and if you don't like it, it's fine, we're cool. If you DO like it, then repeat after me: "SO HAVE I SONS." Also: that throwaway Tom Hiddleston line!

There are some new toys called Bunchems that are getting stuck in girls' hair and this seems awful!

I can't stop looking at this map from 1914 that illustrates the world in the context of how long it takes to get there from London. Beautiful and so informative!

ISIS women and enforcers in Syria recount collaboration, anguish, and escape.

The origins of Jihadist-inspired attackers in the US.

Finnish Christmas so far

TG in FI