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February 2nd, outsourced

Five things I would have done differently in a Phantom of the Opera situation.

My friend was on the Mormon Land podcast with Peggy Fletcher Stack! It's at this link under the 26 January episode (Liz Layton Johnson's 95 Theses).

Rachael Denhollander's full victim impact statement at the Nassar trial. Wow.

Emo Kylo Ren on Twitter was Alexandra Petri all along!!! OF COURSE IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.

Here's a great long read about a young man who went out fishing with his mom. She did not come back.

This is SO interesting: should patients be charged by their insurance companies for going to the ER "unnecessarily"? I find it fascinating because sometimes the very nature of an ER visit is that you don't KNOW it's a stomachache and not appendicitis until you, you know, GO to the ER.

Buckle up and prepare to have like twenty tabs open in Chrome: a thread on the best of Texas Monthly (really delicious longform journalism).

A Twitter thread about the reality of fighting in ballgowns, illustrated with Disney Princess GIFs.

In the New York Times, I had to laugh at the part of this article (about being given tea rather than vicodin after surgery) where she talks about packing huge bottles of ibuprofen back to Europe from the US. We, uh, did the same this year. Ibuprofen in Finland comes in pricey 12-pill blister packs, like it's some dainty drug you will only need six times this year, rather than the workhorse headache medicine it is in the US (and where it comes in a twin-pack of 500-pill bottles sold for ten bucks at Costco).

The American shelf, updated

The American shelf, updated

Representative experiences of running into my students around town

Representative experiences of running into my students around town